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We are Affordable Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas and House cleaning Las Vegas.

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Free Estimates!

Our Estimating is very simple!

All of our estimating is done “over the phone” as we have cleaned thousands of homes in Las Vegas; we have a pretty good idea of what it will cost you.

Factors that make the final price:

  • Condition of your home (does your home get cleaned every week or every week, or has it been months). A home that has not been properly cleaned in months can take 2-3 times longer than a maintained home every 2 weeks.
  • Square footage: Clearly, a home that is 4000 sq ft or more will take much longer than a home that is 1200 sq ft. Enough said.
  • What you want to be done: The more detailed you ask us to clean your home, the more it will cost you. Customers that want every nook and cranny cleaned will incur more cost. Usually, double what a “normal” house cleaning would be.
  • All estimates are done over the phone and are based on YOUR information, as this is site unseen. The more accurate your information, the more accurate our estimate. As this is sight unseen, it is NOT the final price, but it will be close. The final price will be established once the maids or carpet cleaner does a walk-through of your home.
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