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We are Las Vegas’ oldest cleaning service. Thousands of homes cleaned since 1992! For these reasons, Las Vegas Carpet Cleaners carries an assortment of highly effective carpet cleaning processes that will suit every need. We take into consideration three major factors: carpet condition, texture, and fiber content.

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Set A Higher Standard For Your Living

Dry cleaning of carpets is the safest method, the injection/extraction method being the most effective, but it presents risks of color bleeding when the carpets are new. Our team will determine the most suitable method on-site depending on the material and condition of the Carpet.

Quality Work

We will allow you to benefit from impeccable quality work. Indeed, we specialize in cleaning, and we have all the necessary equipment to provide a good result.

Time Saving

Our employees are only devoted to their work. The sum of the minutes that each employee can lose cleaning their work represents a loss to the company that employs them. Time is what your company needs to replenish its fund.

Quick Availability

For perfect efficiency, we are sure to carry out the move very quickly as you wish. The same is true for urgent interventions. It sometimes happens to notice disappointments such as broken glasses.

My Home, My Living

Excellent Professional for all Cleaning Needs

"Please call us for your entire household cleaning needs, and we will be happy to be a part of your house cleaning service process."
Mark Dove
Cleaning Expert
Dust Gone, Shine Welcome

Real Cleaning, Guaranteed!

“For cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery, most people prefer to hire professional cleaners who can guarantee a satisfactory cleaning result at a fixed price. Professional cleaners are educated on the most effective cleaning procedures and best suited for each cleaning eventuality.” ~ Ted Johns (Cleaning Expert)

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What we offer

Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas provides these high-quality services:

Carpet Cleaning

Get rid of all the settled dust, small things and find your Carpet new after our cleaning process as it was bought today!

Home Cleaning

Your home requires budget cleaning once a month. We have all the handy tools to get rid of your house of all the germs and infections.

Move-in & out Cleaning

Moving into a new house? Or rather moving out of one? Well, we’ve got cleaning services for both. Call us anytime 24/7; we’ll be there!

We've Got Other Services Too!

Other than the one we’ve mentioned above, we also provide organic cleaning, area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, delicate rug cleaning, wall to wall carpet cleaning, blinds cleaning, pet stain & odor removal, spot & stain removal, sanitizing & disinfecting, Carpet & furniture deodorizing and water damage & restoration in our diverse service of carpet cleaning.

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Why Resort To A Professional?

For cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery, hire professional cleaners who can guarantee a satisfactory cleaning result at a fixed price. If you are using this service for an unlimited time, you should choose a cleaning company that you can trust.

Your Home Is Your Castle!

Remove Dirt And Stains On Your Carpets!

Forget the old ways of causing you: allergies, back pain, eye irritation, and dust all over your house. Offer yourself superior service with the most modern equipment; we offer you unparalleled Quality and Professional work.

Give It A Royal Treatment!

Cleaning Tool Suitable For Each Type Of Rugs!

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the clean and serious image of your premises. To always listen to you, our local agencies are at your disposal in Vegas and its region. 

Your Carpet Is Our Responsibility.

For premises in the image of your company, a single service provider, we provide cleaning punctual refurbishment of the premises by a specialist in the field. So our goal is to keep your Trust. While our company attaches great importance to the image of your premises and a real know-how in the cleaning sector in Las Vegas, we offer you good quality services and attractive prices through several sites all over the world.

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